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  1. I changed my mind, giving the C's a shot now in the east. They made the Cavs look old as dirt tonight and Kyrie didn't even have a good game and spent most of the night deferring.  


    The IT angle will still be there but I am confident Stevens knows how to shut him down IF Isaiah can make it through the eastern playoffs healthy. I am amazed, holding the Cavs/Warriors to both 88 points this year is pretty difficult to do. And the Celtics missed a lot of shots tonight too.


    Cavs are still easily the favorites but if somehow the C's can get Hayward back in some role by years end.......well then it gets real.


    1. 2006Coltsbestever


      I had Boston winning the East before the season but then once Hayward went down that screwed me. I still see Cavs winning the East but Boston may really push them this season.

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