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  1. Got engaged on Christmas Eve!!! We are looking at May or June for the wedding right now or some month when it's not brutally cold lol. I was kinda torn on the idea of "the wedding" but I agreed to it due to him since he really wants to go all out on this. He is sort of the romantic type actually and yes those men still exist in todays age!!! And my family wants a special wedding and his mother/sister wants to do something special so.......well I can do it. His father died when he was in his 20's so I think his mom really wants to do something special for her son and family and I respect this. Most I know want a fun celebration so I can do that for them since I don't mind getting dolled up.




    Neither one of us has been married before so this is all new to us. We are going to buy a new house together too before the wedding.


    I am 36 and Mark is 37. We feel too old for the whole party thing beforehand in terms of something sleazy. I am just going to do something normal with a few girls I know and my sister. And he and his friends are doing something like going to one of the early season Red Sox games and making it a big event. They are mad mad baseball fanatics. He is a Boston sports fan yes but a nice one. He often teases me about coming online for Colts stuff and is like "So whats new with the Colts this week......who got hurt today on the team?". lmao He actually likes Andrew Luck too and hopes he can come back 100%. 


    Never thought I would get married my whole life but this is what I want now, you just never do know where life will take you. He is my soulmate and we actually can read each others minds. I met him a few years ago but we were mostly just close friends (who liked each other) until we became exclusive romantically this recent summer. But before we got official, we were talking nearly everyday and everyone just wanted us to get together already lol. It became way way too obvious.


    I met him through my first cousin's husband who introduced us a few years ago. And our first time hanging out was seeing a cheesy Adam Sandler movie.


    My cousin is my age exactly.......we grew up together and her husband wanted me to meet a guy he worked with. He had a picture of me and my cousin on his phone with me in a Colts scarf. lmao 


    Anyway I hope everyone else had a great holiday weekend and Christmas!!!!


    Glad the season is almost over too, we deserve to move on and regroup to better times.

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    2. Jules


      But a kitten would not be a bad idea either. lmao The idea of a little fluffy calico one has been in my head lately.

    3. Gramz


      Congratulations!  Having the right partner in life makes all the difference.  Ron and I were in our mid 30's when we married, and it's been the best decision I ever made.   Wishing you both the best!

    4. HOZER


      Late to the party here, but CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Sounds like a good dude!!!!

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