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  1. Want to wish the forum a very Merry Christmas. I won't be on the forums active until Christmas is over next week since I have relatives coming out who will be keeping my hands full this weekend starting soon lol. Some of them are cool, but some are a load to handle lol.

    Between work, my family and my boyfriend (soon to be fiance, rumor is *winks* :)) I have my hands full this long weekend!!!


    Have a great Christmas and holiday weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!





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    2. alawai


      Wishing you a great Christmas and a wonderful time with your family.

    3. Jules


      Thanks guys, was checking in before I went to bed. Merry Christmas to you guys as well and have a wonderful weekend!!!! 


      The Colts might be in a rough year but we still got each other and bright times are ahead again for next year, count on it.



      Lakers just ended the Rockets 14 game winning streak at Houston. Kuzma had 38 Points. Lonzo 16 Points, 9 Rebounds, 4 Assists. Merry Christmas Jules!


      And there you have it!!!!! Finally the Lakers got "the win" they needed and I been waiting for. Just in time too. :cheer2:Lonzo gets an extra present in his stocking now. :) 

      Merry Christmas Lakers Nation and Kobe lmao

    4. Robert Johnson

      Robert Johnson


      MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!



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