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  1. Kobe jersey retirement tonight. So I leave us all with this quote by Lord Mamba.



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    2. Jules


      OMG, that intro tonight for Kobe and the story about the little boy and the journey he had and when he had to end it all was PERFECT.




      Loved it all, loved seeing all those big names there too tonight.


      Iverson was there taping it and mucking it up with Kobe!!!! :applause:


      Love the interactions between Kobe and Magic too and the fact Shaq is back with them as friends.

    3. Jules


      It's just so amazing with the Lakers/Celtics and all the legends they have......

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      Lakers almost won as well. Lost 116-114 in OT! Great halftime retirement ceremony. I had to YouTube it because I am at work but just watched it.

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