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  1. Really stinks when the Colts are on the exact same time as Lakers/Cavs. Flipping back and forth. So far early Lakers doing great, but like they often do will they blow it again later?

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    2. Jules


      Yeah your best bet might still be OKC.


      Ugh, I thought Lonzo did OK tonight and Cavs fans are picking on him. Cavs fans sadly can be jerks this year for some reason. They have not been the same since Kyrie left.


      Oh well.


      I don't know why Lonzo gets picked on so bad. He clearly has talent.

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      Lonzo played well tonight, he wasn't the reason why they lost. Lakers just couldn't keep up with the Cavs shooters.

    4. Jules


      Warriors on, but I didn't turn it on and I know they got some injury issues right now. They are behind early but the Mavs can sometimes be pesky this season. Dirk still da man.


      Heading to bed after the Colts game anyway. Our games are enough to put anyone to sleep at times lol.

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