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  1. The younger Ball sons going to Lithuania is just bizarre. Especially since I am more than half Lithuanian. O.o It's my Ball family karma.


    This is nuts.




    Oh and btw, sick of the Lakers blowing games they had leads in.:yuk:

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      It will be real interesting to see what the Lakers do in the Draft and Free Agency. Magic is about to pull a rabbit out his hat IMO. Something big about take place. I already like the progress that Ingram, Clarkson, and Randle are making too. Ingram had a bad game tonight but has played well most of the season. Lonzo is going to be great IMO, give him another year or 2. He already does a lot of things well.

    3. Jules


      Need to get some damn weight/muscle on Ingram. I say this every week. Last year I saw him literally "bounce off" Lebron James, for real. He bounced off Lebron like a rubber ball.



    4. Jules


      And to be fair, it was a good game tonight too.....

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