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  1. When the Lakers lose, stay out of Lakers forums and Lakers social areas online until the next time they win. 


    It can get frightening and sometimes the random Lonzo Ball haters who hate the Lakers even show up incognito.
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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Lonzo is definitely a throwback at PG, that is what Lakers fans need to realize. I honestly don't think he will ever be a great Scorer but I never did. That isn't his job. His job is to pile up Assists and be the Leader of that team. Rebound well to start fastbreaks, etc.. Yes he needs to score some to keep the opponent honest but 15 a game would be adequate IMO. He isn't a scoring PG like Curry, Westbrook, and Harden are. He is more like CP3, Kidd, Stockton type. Regarding Walton, I really liked him at first and I had him up there with Brad Stevens potential but not sure now. His rotations are puzzling!

    3. Jules


      I agree with everything you said. As for Brad Stevens, he can make his mistakes too. He had Al Horford against Drummond the other night instead of going with Baynes at center. Not a great move since Al doesn't have enough muscle at times, kinda like a tall thin Kevin Love type. He can score but sometimes be pushed around by the monster dudes.


      I give Brad Stevens a pass though since they play the Pistons 3 more times and he likes to feel out different line ups a lot in various games for the future. And they might end up seeing them yet again for the playoffs. 


      Stevens has some puzzling rotations at times too and especially for second units but he often does it to feel out what will work long term as well.


      Luke is trying to find what works as well but I don't think they should "bench" Lonzo like they were a few times for the 4th quarter, it won't help his confidence. I won't give up on Luke yet though........he is OK so far and has even defended Lonzo Ball at times.


      Sometimes I don't think Luke uses Lopez well though so far.



      Oh no........Lakers play the Warriors tonight. lmaolmaolmao *hides* I read Durant/Curry are cleared to play but I don't know if their minutes are cut.


      If Lakers lose tonight I hope nobody freaks out on this one. Since it's not a win you should expect by any means. Lakers though IMO should have beaten the Clippers the other night.






    4. Jules


      Lakers leading right now. But a whole half to go........

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