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  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!!! I guess I can stop posting win updates for the Celtics. Sigh. The streak ends to the Miami Heat of all teams in Miami. I guess it was coming, other teams wanted it more at times. Just wish it wasn't to the Heat who I don't think are all that great despite being fired up lol.


    It ends at 16. It was a blast thought. Now the Celtics have to start showing up more BEFORE 4th quarters........



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    2. Jules


      I don't honestly know how these athletes do it in the NBA which is why I sometimes respect them the most over any other sport. They play at a high aerobic intensity just about every other night and sometimes with road games for almost a full week.


      It is simply amazing. I can also tell when they start to sometimes get a little tired.


      I know Lebron has gotten a ton of flack for his resting or when he cuts minutes in general but the body can only take so much whether the player is 20 or over 30.



      Oh yes Happy Thanksgiving again! I am already full. lmao I been eating too much already and stuff.


      Today is kinda overly loaded with NBA games on and been trying to keep track of all these scores. 


      Tomorrow is just football and GO CHARGERS. lmao I want the Cowboys to fall hard.

    3. Jules


      Meh I almost feel bad I called the Heat crappy. Sometimes they are but they often linger around the middle of the pack. They are well coached for years and Dragic always seems to show up at times big like he did tonight.


      It just is odd since that team since Lebron left has been nothing. I mean when Lebron was on the Heat the internet was loaded with Heat fans. Then he leaves and it's like even sad to see their crowd at times. I didn't even think it looked that crazy tonight despite their team knocking off a 16 game win streak team. Sigh........it's just kinda dull.


      I almost wish the Celtics lost to Dirk instead since I love Dirk and the Mavs crowd went insane. But problem is 16 sounds better then 15. lmao 


      And I feel sorry for Dirk too since he has been rotting away in Dallas since their title.

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      Yeah I haven't ate much at all today. I am at work now and basically just snacking on a few chips and I ate a Snickers bar. I am saving it for tomorrow when I go to mom's. She is cooking a Turkey and a Ham + Stuffing, Mash Potatoes/Gravy, Mac-n-Cheese, and Green Beans. Makes me hungry just typing that! No NBA tomorrow which sucks but we do have Football. The only good game tomorrow unfortunately really is Vikings at Lions that has huge Playoff implications and I probably wont even wake up until 1 because I have to work all night. Then I have to get ready and be at Mom's by 3 because that's when dinner is. So I will barely be able to watch any of that game.

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