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  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!!! I guess I can stop posting win updates for the Celtics. Sigh. The streak ends to the Miami Heat of all teams in Miami. I guess it was coming, other teams wanted it more at times. Just wish it wasn't to the Heat who I don't think are all that great despite being fired up lol.


    It ends at 16. It was a blast thought. Now the Celtics have to start showing up more BEFORE 4th quarters........



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    2. Jules


      Have a good time tomorrow, sounds like a big feast. I have to go to my folks house too and my sister sometimes goes with me so we can share a car. I had a big dinner over NBA stuff tonight with my boyfriend and sister so I am stuffed. We talk too much about Lebron and the Celtics and Lonzo Ball.:lol:


      I will try to catch some of the NFL action or at least the later stuff. Just hoping the Cowboys continue to slide lol. I also would not mind San Diego going on some sort of hot streak, Rivers deserves it. I am starting to warm up to the idea of the Vikings now too........


      Yeah we need a day off from basketball before back to backs this weekend. lmao 


      Sucks you got to work so hard at night and all that. I see your posts and comments from time to time on it. You sometimes sound stressed lol. Sports must be a good diversion. 


      Just make sure you get sleep at times since in the winter months we get vulnerable to colds and the flu!



    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      Yeah I work all kinds of hours, sometimes it's stressful and some days are easy. When it's not busy I can get on the Internet like tonight, there isn't any other employees here.  2 guys are here fumigating part of the building so that is why I am here. I volunteered for it because it's double time after midnight. I am off until Monday once I get out of here in the morning. Have a fun time tomorrow with your family and take care.

    4. Jules


      I am probably not going to be online tomorrow but will be around late Friday night.


      Have a good holiday and enjoy the time off!


      Should be a fun sports weekend starting today.:cheer2:

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