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  1. 15 wins in a row now for the Celtics. Kyrie *the closer* Irving 30 points, Jaylen Brown 27 points. Who says they don't have star power? :) 

    1. 2006Coltsbestever


      Irving is a SuperStar and Horford is an All-Star, Brown is Good and they have the best Coach in the league. C's are for real.

    2. Jules


      When they play Atlanta, it's ugly. It's very very ugly. I am not sure ether but it's just one of those teams. They try hard against the Celtics even when they are bad.


      I remember back when the Celtics won the title with KG they got allll they could handle with the Atlanta Hawks in the very first round and it went the distance. Thats when the Hawks had Pachulia and he and KG wanted to murder each other on the court.


      Celtics have a stretch here of not playing very good teams so if they get complacent someone will be wanting to end this streak. Next up is the Mavs who aren't very good. And then the Heat who are kinda tough to figure out.....


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