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  1. Kyrie Irving definitely proving he CAN be a leader of a team. Tonight, 10th win in a row. No Hayward, No Al Horford tonight, only a little Jayson Tatum and no problem.


    Okay some problems LOL. That was a messy win and game but still a win is a win. Lakers also btw have a top defense this year too and good young players.


    And for those who hate Lonzo Ball and yes I do too at times since it's fun, Celtics Marcus Morris has a few words about this:






    "I told Lonzo at the end of the game, now I'm kind of rooting him on," Morris said. "Because he's a good kid. It's just his dad, like, his dad has a big mouth. I mean, everybody knows it. It's not a bad thing. If I had my dad, I wish he would be like that, too. Because it's always, like, if anybody loves you, it's going to be your father and he's always going to show tough love. So he's pretty good. His dad might think he's better -- which he should."


    "He has a long time in the league, he's a young guy, it kind of sucks he has to go everywhere and they're just booing him and booing him and booing him," Morris continued. "He's a regular player like the rest of us. I think it's more of the Celtics and the Lakers relationship. Hopefully that doesn't happen everywhere, but if it does, man, I guess he should just talk to his father."



    Yeah the crowd tonight in Boston was brutal to Lonzo but then again it was always brutal to Kobe too. It's part of the rivalry so he should take it as a compliment and thrive on it.

    1. Jules


      I might be the only person around who owns a Kobe jersey and a (free via my boyfriend) Paul Pierce jersey given to me. I might get a Kyrie jersey for Christmas as a gift.


      I am such a basketball big name groupie.:lol: 

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