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  1. 9 wins in a row now for the Celtics. This one dedicated to this guy who closed the deal in a tough game. His best game yet as a Celtic.





    Those feisty Hawks. Not sure what it is? They always give a tough game. But the elite defensive streak ended a tiny bit tonight.


    Test for 10 wins in a row comes Wednesday night in Boston hosting the Lakers!!!!

    1. Coltsman1788


      Hey Jules!  You are a Lakers fan right?  That should be a pretty good game on Wednesday.  Kuzma is looking like a good find and Brandon Ingram appears to be finding his niche and coming into his own.  I haven't been impressed by Lonzo though.  He doesn't appear ready yet for this level of competition in my opinion.


      It will be interesting to see if the Celtics are able to bring the streak to 10 against the young and hungry Lakers.

    2. Jules


      I still like the Lakers a bit on the side, but it was more of a Kobe Bryant thing with me who is my all time favorite NBA player.


      I think with the NBA it's often a "players league" and I am not ashamed to admit I bandwagon a lot. I just have a lot of fun with a few teams.


      I also been a fan of Brad Stevens for a long time going back to his Butler days. LOVE me some Brad Stevens.


      As for the game this week, Celtics got a day off and then the Lakers go to Boston. Should be a big one Wednesday. Lakers have been up and down and are quite young. But they have showed up a few times this year on the big stage. Lonzo Ball isn't scoring a lot at times but he is an excellent passer out there. Lopez and Ingram will be tough to guard.

    3. Jules


      It's funny too with Kyrie Irving that he is still only 25. It's actually kinda amazing that he has been through so much already at this age in the NBA.


      Celtics are a pretty young team too outside of a few vets but not as young as the baby Lakers LOL.


      I also used to hear a ton about how Kyrie was this gigantic ball hog but I am not seeing this with the Celtics this year. Kyrie has his moments where yes they want him to get the ball and especially late in games. But I swear Isaiah Thomas was more of a hero ball kinda guy with the Celtics even more so over what I seen from Kyrie so far.


      Kyrie seems to really be sold on the Brad Stevens system way of doing things so far. In Cleveland I swear at times there is no real system. They just kinda every week stand around with their mouths open at Lebron James. So when Kyrie had a losing record in Cleveland without Lebron I thought too much was made of this. 

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