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  1. 7 wins in a row for Celtics. :clover: First team in NBA history to win 7 in a row after starting 0-2. They beat the OKC show tonight. Brad Stevens IMO coach of the year so far. He has Kyrie playing at his best now too. :) 

    I also don't think Boston has been giving up 100 points even in a while.


    Thought it looked bad when they lost Hayward, but great coaching keeps things chugging along.....future is bright for this team. 



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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Yeah but Pats are going to Repeat :sarcasm:. I actually think they will though. Tommy is Tommy. I thought the Cubs would but they ran out of gas due to going to 3 straight NLCS's and a WS, that is a lot for Baseball considering they play 162 games too. Kyrie looks really great and the C's looked primed but they have that bad man in LeBron standing in their way!

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      57 for LeBron, Top 5 ever material with the Jordan's, Magic's, Kobe's - how do the Celtics beat him?

    4. Jules


      Anything the Celtics do this year after the gruesome Hayward injury IMO is pretty much gravy. If they have some sort of postseason run thats all that they can ask for, without Hayward them being favorites of any sort is pretty much done. But I am curious to see how Boston plays as the year goes on and if they can sustain this. If the Celtics do finish in the top two in the east again then I can see betting odds swinging back in their favor, but depends on the Cavs too. Defensively Boston is looking sweet.

      I mean as of right now the Cavs are not even in the playoffs and Boston is first. But I have to think eventually the Cavs have some sort of run themselves.


      The pressure is still on the Cavs to win the east again. But sadly I doubt they can win it all since defensively that team is a trainwreck and might even get worse there if IT comes back. If people think Kyrie was bad defensively with Cleveland, they have not seen ANYTHING yet with Isaiah. And Brad Stevens made IT look great at times IMO.


      Lebron can't sustain scoring games like this either so this worries me. But he probably felt he had to take control of this game. I didn't see much of this game though.


      I am still not convinced yet the Pats repeat. If they do, then I can see many getting flat out bored with the NFL. It's different with the NBA, the Warriors are an all time great team and Durant/Curry are pretty popular. But the Pats are not "that" great IMO, they are a product of a crappy aazz AFC. I had more respect for the early 2000's Patriots, last year was just blah. They got the head coach and a good system but it really isn't very exciting with them at all.


      Still hoping later on the Chiefs can get it done.


      I am hoping too that the Saints or Eagles can win it all later on. If anyone can have the hunger to get ring #2 it's Drew Brees. He got one over Peyton so maybe it's time for Brady. Eagles look terrific all around too.


      I know most are just hoping it's not going to be the Patriots.


      Bogie was having some weird dreams before the season started that the SB was Saints/Steelers.


      Sorry for the essay lol. Done for tonight finally.

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