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  1. 7 wins in a row for Celtics. :clover: First team in NBA history to win 7 in a row after starting 0-2. They beat the OKC show tonight. Brad Stevens IMO coach of the year so far. He has Kyrie playing at his best now too. :) 

    I also don't think Boston has been giving up 100 points even in a while.


    Thought it looked bad when they lost Hayward, but great coaching keeps things chugging along.....future is bright for this team. 



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    2. Jules


      Warriors sadly IMO are not even focused yet. They will more later on. When they do focus they are lethal and the defensive intensity will be turned up a notch. Last year their defense was a joke for the first few months but when the new year hit they kicked it up a notch.


      This is why I wanted the Celtics (with Hayward) to fight against the Warriors in the finals, felt it would be a better series even if the Celtics lost over another Cavs/Warriors crap feast. Hayward won't be back this year.


      Ironically by years end if the Celtics stay healthy with everyone else, I still would not count them out for the finals.......since they are a young team with energy and they might be able to snag the first seed again.

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      I have always thought LeBron has been a Top 10 player of all-time but in all honesty he is probably Top 5 and is still the best player today. Guy scores 57 with ease lmao. He is in there with the Jordan's, Magic's, and Kobe's and actually has more physical talent than those 3. He is a lot like Shaq = a freak of nature. Tom Brady is just a winner and really his only comp were the Manning's. Eli now stinks and Peyton is retired so Tom has an easy road to the SB unless the Steelers or Chiefs can stop him. I want Chiefs but I am not sold on Alex Smith being able to pull it off. They have the Coaching and Defense and now Hunt but can Smith come through :dunno:

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      You are rooting for the Celtics like I am OKC hoping they can knock off the Warriors but I doubt it happens. I think LeBron will get another crack at them but I don't think even he can beat that team. I thought he had good help last season with Irving and it still wasn't near enough. Not sure how Thomas will play with them?

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