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  1. Gordon Hayward, my heart almost literally broke seeing that happen. I waited so long for him and Brad Stevens to unite. And in the first quarter of his Celtics career he goes down with a horrible gruesome injury. Just.......I am shocked.


    Like how is this even possible? Why?




    Get well Gordon and heal up. Sadly this happened to one of the good guys too.


    I never seen an entire arena so in shock either with both teams and fans.

    1. Jules


      And the Celtics still almost won. I bet they win if Hayward was there. The young guys did step it up in the end but tough to beat vets like Lebron/Love when they hit a few big shots in the clutch.


      Proud to see the Celtics show this kind of heart though after such a gruesome injury and when they were so far behind in the game.

    2. TheRustonRifle#7


      What a shame and that was an ugly injury.  He is most likely gone for the year and hopefully returns to pre-injury form.

    3. Jules


      Celtics start 0-2 but against two tough opponents and after an emotional injury disaster. What is kinda sad and bizarre, is in two games Jaylen Brown honestly looks like the best Celtics player all around. Kyrie was a mess tonight.


      Boston can't go too far this year IMO if they have to just rely overly on Brown and Tatum, they are far too young and raw.

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