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  1. Gordon Hayward, my heart almost literally broke seeing that happen. I waited so long for him and Brad Stevens to unite. And in the first quarter of his Celtics career he goes down with a horrible gruesome injury. Just.......I am shocked.


    Like how is this even possible? Why?




    Get well Gordon and heal up. Sadly this happened to one of the good guys too.


    I never seen an entire arena so in shock either with both teams and fans.

    1. Jules


      And the Celtics still almost won. I bet they win if Hayward was there. The young guys did step it up in the end but tough to beat vets like Lebron/Love when they hit a few big shots in the clutch.


      Proud to see the Celtics show this kind of heart though after such a gruesome injury and when they were so far behind in the game.

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