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  1. Oh no, not Rodgers being hurt!!!!! This is terrible.



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    2. Jules


      I can't even believe it. Luck is not back yet.


      Rodgers goes down hard a few days ago. Today Hayward.


      And my SB pick was the Packers and I was leaning towards Boston for the NBA in the east (losing to the Warriors in the finals).


      What the hell.


      But I feel soooo bad for Hayward, that looked awful. I was shook so hard by this one. That looked BAD, both teams looked a wreck by it.


      I think the best you can hope for at the moment is Hayward can have a clean recovery and come back. And Kyrie can go wild and maybe be an MVP candidate. 


      But this sucks, omg...........


      Lebron I am not even sure either is 100%. He isn't, he has a wobbly ankle. And he still plays too many minutes.

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      I had a Celtics/Warriors Finals but it isn't happening now. It will be Cavs/Warriors now IMO health providing. I want OKC to win it all but I cant see anyway anyone beats the Warriors. Pacers will be lucky to be .500.

    4. Jules


      I honestly don't think Lebron WANTED to lose the finals again. Especially if he has his eye on leaving. Was better to bow out in the ECFs like he did before he left for Miami.


      It will take me some time to adjust to this new look Cavs team too. I love Lebron and Love but I am not completely sure I am digging yet Wade and Rose and Crowder combined there too. It's tough to adjust to.


      I kinda miss the old team as crazy as this sounds. The last two years starting 5. I hope Kyrie leaving didn't shake up some weird karmic thing and both teams are going to be screwed? He seems happy in Boston but he is devastated over Hayward.


      Even with IT, he is not playing now so Boston would have been without him anyway. 



      OMG I got no idea now......going to have to sleep on this. Too much sports drama for a few nights and yes FIRE CHUCK PAGANO FIRE HIM NOW. lmao  I watched MNF and that was embarrassing to lose to a one legged Mariota.

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