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  1. Hurricane Irma might be one of the scariest looking things I have ever seen. I almost am afraid to turn on the news at times. This thing never seems to die and has been a literal monster. Best wishes to anyone in the path coming up in and around Florida. But it does sound like all safety precautions are being taken ahead of time.

    Also I am sad beyond belief at the poor Caribbean islands and how pummeled they got. They have little means to fix things. I have been to the island of St. Martin in the past a while back and it is completely devastated I read and seen right now. It's completely down and they are going insane there with so much isolation from the rest of the world and no clean water and electricity.. And those are some of the nicest people I had ever met before too in the past when I been there, it is called "the Happy Island". I don't know how they can recover from this. Those islands had to recover from Hurricane Luis that ruined them back in the mid 90's and finally did in the 2000's........and they thrive there on tourism to survive economically. Hurricane Luis was a category 4 and Irma hit them at a full force category 5 with winds beyond imaginable.


    Just mind boggling. I can't get over this hurricane season. From Harvey to Irma to even Jose now lingering in the background as a category 4 but Jose is not expected to hit the States.


    I just hope it all stops soon.

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    2. Jules


      This has depressed me too and I am not even near the storm but it looks so horrible I feel so badly for everyone in it's path. 


      I been having issues focusing on the NFL too and the LOL at the Pats stuff.


      I saw some live videos of when the storm hit the islands a few days ago and it looked like something out of a horror movie with the sounds and the wind. And when you said a hurricane like Katrina can't be described, you were not kidding. It's hell on Earth. 


      Harvey was bad, but Irma reminds me of some giant monster in the sky who eats innocent islands up and thrashes them. Then takes a break after a feeding and naps for a while getting stronger.


      The weird thing is nobody even knows yet what side of Florida it might hit or if it goes more east or west on Florida now. I don't honestly think over analysis is worth it since this thing will land and it will be horrible to millions.


      Stay safe where you are too since you may get some rain and wind eventually.

    3. Jules


      The live coverage I saw of when it hit St. Martin was A NIGHTMARE. OMG........I heard about a roof of a shelter that got blown right off too.


      Did you see those winds? 185 mph. It MADE CARS go in the air.



    4. Jules


      It is supposed to land as a cat 5 in Miami.


      OK I am done, I could spin this for hours.

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