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  1. Check out my new kittens that are as of today, 16 days old. There's 5 of them, they're healthy, chubby and LOUD. The white one especially thinks it's Prince and tries to scream like a banshee with perfect falsetto. 


    Note - this little cat is a miniature and it's so hard to believe, as small as she is, she did have 5 kittens. One of them blends in with the pictures cause it's solid gray. These were taken last week before I had to move them. As you can see, one of them is already climbing out. That little white one is a speed demon. I had to move them into a cardboard box cause she was climbing out and following me around the house. 













    2 grays, 2 blacks and 1 white. All solid colors, except the black one with the tail has a tiny little white spot under it's chin. No names as of yet or anything...


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    2. Jules


      In the first pic mom cat is like "White kitten is trying to escape AGAIN." Sigh.......




      The white one especially thinks it's Prince and tries to scream like a banshee with perfect falsetto. 


      Perfect falsetto you say? Hmmm........this kitten is intriguing. 

    3. Synthetic


      19 days old, I have to put them outside eventually. I didn't get much sleep the other day cause they're so LOUD. They might be tiny but they're loud as hell. 



      The white one has escaped multiple times. I had to go out and buy a set of cardboard boxes and I built them a box that they can't climb out of. 


      The mother cat gets on my nerves though...I don't think she has proper maternal instincts cause she has to be forced to tend to the kittens. It's difficult to explain without witnessing it. She ignores them, she'll clean them but I have to take her and put her in the box and make her feed them. That's the main reason I brought them inside. If they were still outside, she probably would've abandoned them by now. 

    4. southwest1


      Awesome cat/kitten photos Bogie. Thanks for sharing them & protecting furry felines with whiskers. You Rock! 

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