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  1. I really enjoyed seeing Wonder Woman. I didn't have high expectations but it knocked my socks off. I really liked this new actress they chose too, she is stunning. Also I didn't know heading into it that this film would have such heavy WWI elements with a background story but I thought it was great. I am not a super action hero expert or junkie either so as a casual fan I loved the film!

    1. Synthetic



      Wonder Woman was great. DC finally made a decent movie, and it's forced me to take back what I said and eat crow over Gal Gadot's acting in Batman vs Superman. She was very charming in Wonder Woman. I greatly enjoyed it too! 

    2. Jules


      My folks went to see Wonder Woman tonight since I told them they would like it. I know they will love it too.


      OMG that film is sooooooooo cute. lmao I mean it just IS. So enchanting. 



    3. southwest1


      I haven't seen Wonder Woman yet, but it does seem to have bridged that gap between widespread audience support in droves & critical acclaim by professional film reviewers. I'll see it eventually, but I gotta see War For The Planet Of The Apes first. I have a profound appreciation for actor Andy Serkis ever since his landmark portrayal of Gollum in the LOTR trilogy & now his moving depiction of the Primate Caesar. 


      Anyway, I'm glad to hear that both Jules & Bogie enjoyed Wonder Woman. You 2 have a knack for knowing quality material over over bloated trash so, I trust your judgement in the long run. 

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