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  1. Hayward is reunited with Stevens in Boston. Congrats, happy for him since this is what you wanted. A better fit than Miami for sure. 

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    2. Jules


      In all seriousness, this is the video I was more interested in seeing tonight which I found. It's from 2014.......and Hayward has gotten a lot better since then.


      But I been looking for things that showcase how he plays vs. Lebron.




      Hayward can flat out BALL, been watching Utah videos and stuff and this guy is incredibly underrated.

    3. chad72


      Gordon Hayward has high football IQ but let us not get carried away by mentioning him in the same bandwidth as Lebron, Jules :) 


      He has made hay whenever the sun shone, good for him.

    4. Jules


      I am not saying at all he is Lebron's level, duh. Nobody really is. Very very few. Lebron is a God among men. Just that I have seen legit video evidence that Hayward competes very hard vs. Lebron and doesn't stand around acting all scared of him like many others do. So perhaps next year Boston grows a pair vs. the Cavs in home games vs. Cleveland.



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