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  1. Paul George to OKC. Never saw THIS coming. Westbrook has to share the ball again. lmao 

    1. southwest1


      Westbrook does not play well with others in terms of ball distribution. I agree 100% Jules. 


      And OKC was not on my radar for possible PG landing spots either.

    2. Jules


      Kind of a meh trade to me southwest, I don't think Indy or OKC got much in return. OKC will be more fun to watch on prime time games with Westbrook/George but I am not sure this develops into much more right now.


      And I think Paul George is a first class grade A diva who is too into himself. I hope his aazz does get sent to the Lakers and he suffers with the Ball family.


      The west is loaded with super stars scattered all over the place but I still prefer the east. I love watching Lebron James as long as he is still around and at a high level and even if his team is crap around him......he managed to still set NBA finals records. 


      I love watching the Celtics for Brad Stevens who IMO is the best coach now in the east and how he gets the best out of every single player no matter how under looked they are. Stevens can take guys who are short as hell and turn them into all stars. He can take scrubs and get them by the Cavs in the playoffs in a key game down 0-2 to save face. He reminds me a bit of a young Bill B. in a basketball version.


      I even like the Wizards for their guards and speed and toughness.


      And I like Miami too since I think this year they finally get back to the playoffs with the Bulls looking like they are almost finished without Butler and Rondo.


      But no team in the east IMO (outside the Cavs) really should feel serious urgency to win it all just yet. Keep building........the Cavs will fall apart on their own and the Warriors luck will fall down at some point too in coming seasons with injuries or complacency. 

    3. TheRustonRifle#7


      He is a one year rental and as a Celtic's fan...I am glad they didn't bite.  Maybe make a ridiculous offer for Nerlen and force a sign and trade??????

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