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  1. Say no to drugs. And say no to the Ball family.

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    2. Jules


      I won't spam the few others who replied here to death so I will calm down in this status guys.



    3. Jules


      Lakers fans seem to think it is going to be Ball on their forums at times.




      Such is my life.

    4. Synthetic




      Allen Iverson was considered tiny at 6 feet and thin. IT is a new generation tiny at 5'9.:eek:


      And yeah you can be small yourself, but real life is not NBA too. Even Brandon Ingram on the Lakers is tall as hell but thin so he can bounce off of Lebron James like a ping pong ball.


      AI though to me was better then IT. Iverson to me at times once a once in a lifetime rare talent but he was such an epic headcase and F up he ruined it.


      Don't know what is going to happen with the Cavs and the salary cap........will worry about that later. 



      Ingram has to add weight on and I think he will this off season. Pretty much all the greats in NBA history go through that phase. Wilt Chamberlain was skinny going into the NBA and put on around 50 pounds after his rookie season. LeBron as a rookie was also pretty skinny despite being tall, he wasn't the beast he is now. Shaq of course is the most crazy before and after. I feel as if many have forgotten that he wasn't that big in his youth with the Orlando Magic. There was a time before he was huge where he looked like LeBron in a way. 





      Warriors are up big early. If they can keep systematically knocking out Spurs players they might be 12-0 heading into the finals.


      Isn't it amazing how this team faces no challenge after they intentionally take out the Spurs best player? All through the playoffs, they have yet to face a true healthy opponent. That isn't a good sign when the Cavs are better far better competition that is healthy. 



      Could be Ball then but I hope not. The only thing that might be positive is if they do draft Ball and he is good and then his dad finally DOES stop talking since he got his wish. Like if Daddy Ball finally gets to L.A. would he calm down and go to the beach or something and take a vacation?




      Why even take Lonzo? He has such a weird shooting mechanic and there is so many problems with his game. His defense is really bad. One of the most positive things about Ingram this past year as a rookie was that he played decent defense all year long and was praised for this despite not scoring a ton. 


      Outside of LaVar, I don't see where Lonzo is all that great. He's good at passing the ball, but that's it. His shooting form is weird and also SLOW. He is going to get lit up in the NBA. 


      Most of all though, Lonzo isn't even in the top 3 high graded prospects. This is all hype from his dad, who I hate to give credit, but he's a genius with milking this cow before it dries up. Deep down, he has to know there is a high possibility that none of his sons are even good in the NBA, and he's making his money exploiting them before it can all come crashing down. 

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