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  1. Came across this on Youtube and had to share it with you. It's quite long, but a great video 



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    2. Jules


      He's so skinny, but he can bulk up. I think he will get there in a year two with being great. The team sucks......but they can get there again.


      I just was in the mood for a new avatar so bad with something NBA related. lmao 



    3. Jules


      Hope you have a good night too and got some rest or will get it.



    4. Synthetic



      I am so thankful you talked me into buying a Kobe jersey last year around my birthday. They're so expensive now. I considered buying a second one but I can't find anymore under 50 dollars now and I only paid 25 for mine, which was a throwback design with the #8. It's still sitting over my chair, I love to look at that beautiful purple and gold. 


      Image result for kobe bryant 1997

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