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  1. Happy Super Bowl Weekend everyone!!!

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    2. Synthetic



      What the #


      Ryan gets BOTH offensive player of the year and MVP?


      Cam Newton got it last year.....


      Brees is the most snubbed quarterback EVER. Stolen MVP in 2011 for golden boy Rodgers and now Ryan gets this. 

    3. Synthetic



      And Jason Garrett for coach of the year, really???



      Go read on Dallas Cowboys Universe, and they'll give 101 reasons why Jason Garrett is mostly a lucky coach this year. Go back to that playoff game and count how many times you saw Elliot on the sidelines. On the FINAL DRIVE dumbaazz took him out of the game and put on the sidelines to run the "Romo offense" as Dallas fans love to call it. 


      Wow wow wow



      Now I REALLY hope the Pats get a blow out Super Bowl. Totally agree with you Jules, Bill B was coach of the year, NOT Garrett. 


      This is ridiculous. 

    4. Synthetic



      This is the biggest snub ever, I swear. 



      Brees in 2011, everyone said he was just running up stats and beating cupcakes....they give it to Rodgers who went 15-1 and gets blown out bad in the first round of the playoffs...at home with a 15-1 record. Saints win at home in the playoffs, go down in a road game where they came back down 17 points...Brees breaks all the records that year, don't win MVP


      Then Manning gets MVP doing the exact same thing Brees did just two years later - no one screamed about him running up stats or blowing out cupcakes and then puts up 8 measly points in the Super Bowl of all games. 


      Cam Newton got MVP last year, but this year, really? The Falcons were 11-5. They went 3-4 against the good defenses they played. 8-0 playing teams either .500 or below. 


      11-5, Brady was 11-1 as a starter this year, set the NFL record for best TD/INT ratio and passes without an interception (breaking his own record)


      What a joke. I hope the Pats do get fired up and blow them out. Matt Ryan is NOT MY MVP. 

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