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  1. Happy Super Bowl Weekend everyone!!!

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Only way the Pats lose this game is if they Turn it over 2 or 3 times resulting in Falcons points and the Falcons play pretty flawless. It could happen that way because on any given day the better team doesn't always win. I do want the Falcons to win but I am picking with my brain not who I want. Tom is pretty much considered the GOAT anyway already by most people so if he wins this game it is what it is. I still have Peyton in my Top 5 so this game doesn't affect Peyton's legacy one way or the other regarding the Tom vs Peyton debates. I was much more into it last season because I thought Peyton getting Ring 2 catapulted him into the Top 5 no matter what, believe it or not some had him around 7-10 because he only won 1 SB. Now that he has 2 rings to go along with his 5 League MVP's only a hater would keep him out of the Top 5. In a 1 game situation I would still take Montana over Brady or Peyton but Brady has accomplished more than Montana winning wise by making 7 SB's and winning just as many = 4. If he gets #5 he sits alone at the top of the Mount Rushmore of QB's. My Mount Rushmore = Montana, Brady, Unitas, and Peyton. That wont change no matter what happens tonight in my eyes.

    3. Synthetic



      Brady has already surpassed Montana's playoff record. 


      As much mystique is centered around Montana, if you actually break down his playoff record and compare it to Steve Young, it's really a subjective point. I said Steve Young because if you compare him to Young, you see their playoff records are mirror image. Only difference is Young stayed injured so often and did not have the durability or career lifespan as Montana, so we never really know what could've happened. 


      I'd tell you Brady surpassed Montana with the 2014 Super Bowl. Montana was rarely ever in a position like that, and needing a 10 point comeback in the 4th quarter to win. 



      Thank god this Super Bowl has two good quarterbacks and we don't have to deal with that crap show from last year. 


    4. Synthetic



      Everyone I know, even non-Saints fans are rooting for the Pats because we want to see Goodell have to hand that trophy to Brady after the made up B.S. gate controversy. 


      Only a select few handful of Saints fans want to be traitors and root for the Falcons. But seriously speaking, as hated as the Pats are, Goodell is hated even more. 



      Today will be a glorious day in NFL history if Goodell is forced to hand that trophy to the team he created a fake controversy over and launched a huge stupid investigation that just fired them up mentally.



      Go Pats!!!! Revenge for both stupid 'gates'. I wish it could've been the Saints, but this is the second best option. Make Goodell look the fraud he is. 

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