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  1. Happy Super Bowl Weekend everyone!!!

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    2. Synthetic



      DCU already is pretty mad about Jason Garrett getting this award....




      Not even Dallas fans themselves like Garrett. There was fans on this forum BTW who accurately predicted how Garrett was going to blow that playoff game. They call it the "Romo offense" when they go 4-5 wide and sit the RB out. That forum was down right pessimistic about playing the Packers, many of them picked them to lose, and in the end they were right on 9 out of 10 things.... I don't care how many awards he wins, it's bad when you have a fan base who can accurately predict all his screw ups. 


      Bill B should've been coach of the year, or at the very least O'Brien who kept Houston's defense a top 5 ranked unit without their best player. 


    3. Jules


      Honesty was a bit shocked COY went to Jason Garrett. I mean I know they did well with the rookies this year but those rookies are the ones who deserved the praise IMO. Bill B. did win games this year with 3 different QBs and might be the best coach of all time.


      I don't think Bill B. has ever won the award much though since he also won't really say much back about it.


      If it makes you feel any better, Brady said before it was announced that Ryan deserved to win.





      I really don't think the Pats care much about these awards.



      The MVP thing don't shock me though but the coach thing did. lmao 



    4. Jules


      I honestly don't even think the Pats care much about these awards, since they are always good they always get passed over more times then not.


      And look on the bright side, if Cam Newton got it, then Matt Ryan then maybe next year it's Brees. lmao I only think Brees would have a shot though if the Saints made the playoffs and he had one of his monster statistical seasons.


      If the Falcons lose this SB (and they will) I would almost say for sure that they will follow up with the SB loser curse like the Panthers did.

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