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  1. Happy Super Bowl Weekend everyone!!!

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      I am late to the party, had some things to do earlier. Looks like Matt Ryan won MVP and Garrett got Coach of the Year. I am a little surprised Garrett won COY. TO didn't make it into the Hall either, I am happy for Terrell Davis. He deserves to be in. Without him, Elway doesn't ever win a ring IMO.

    3. Jules


      I think all 3 of us are picking NE to win. I swear thats a first for the 3 of us to pick the same team to win it all. lmao 


      It's a moment, on occasion. 




    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      Yeah I just honestly cant see the Falcons beating them. Falcons have a Great Offense but so do the Pats. I think those 2 cancel each other out. Even saying that I would rather have Tom Brady for my QB over Matt Ryan. Then I look at both teams Defenses and it's not close, it favors the Pats. Coaching favors the Pats as well. Pats also have major experience playing in the SB, the Falcons have none. 34-24 Patriots is my call.

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