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  1. Championship title game Sunday! Pats/Steelers/Packers/Falcons, oh my! 


    Open status. Come in and join the madness since you know there will be some!

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    2. Synthetic



      27th ranked defense....this is going to be the worst team the Pats have faced in a SB. 



      6 times the #1 scoring offense has met the #1 scoring defense. Only once did the #1 scoring offense win and that was 1989 - San Fran vs Denver. 


      Atlanta's offense is good but I wouldn't even put them in that category. Falcons fans are trolling the crap out of Saints forums and blogs right now comparing themselves to the 2011 team, but I'd still say our 2011 team was a bit better than this....Shiny pretty offense meeting a great defense. They're going to get pummeled. 

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      The Falcons do have a Great Offense and are fun to watch but they don't have the Defense to complete this IMO. Their Offense reminds me of the Colts Offense we had from 2003-2009 - too many weapons to stop with a QB that was accurate as hell. Difference is the Colts played out of their minds on Defense the yr they won the SB, I don't see the Falcons Defense stepping up like that. Bob Sanders was a scary monster, Falcons have nobody close to him. Regarding the Saints, the yr they won it and beat us, they had a great knack of creating Turnovers which offset their Defense ranking. Falcons are not like that Defense either.

    4. Synthetic



      I would gladly take any of those Colts offenses over this Atlanta offense. Many on here who are building up the Falcons to be so great, haven't watched them week to week. Ryan can be great and he can be incredibly average. 


      Atlanta usually goes on a run when they have a weak schedule and are healthy. It's not because they're a powerful team. 27th ranked defense is proof of that. Go back to 2012 and 2010 when they went 13-3, they played the easiest schedules in league those years, and still choked in the big games. 


      GB still screwed up on two fumbles and dropped interceptions. Ryan is an OK quarterback, he's not Brees or Manning level accurate....Their offense was great this year mostly cause everyone was healthy. 


      Falcons are not battle tested whatsoever. Just look at their schedule. They played Seattle and Denver early in the season and Seattle don't even count. Their days of dominance are over. 


      Another thing is that Shanahan and Quinn do not really make any half time adjustments. If the Pats game plan to make Ryan throw it, they're probably already going to come out pass happy and play right into the trap. 


      This was Patriots year, hate to say it. Like how they say in college football, a "Bama year" or in baseball years ago a "Yankees year", well this was a Patriots year. There was no legitimate teams to really contest them all year long. Everyone put their faith in Pittsburgh and I just knew that was a joke cause Mike Tomlin is their coach. The only team that could've matched up was Dallas, and again, Jason Garrett would screw that up. 

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