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  1. So who wins the big Brady vs. Rodgers Super Bowl?

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    2. Synthetic



      I have no faith in the Steelers whatsoever. The Pats never struggle with them and Antonio Brown releasing that video was just enough for motivation for the Pats to want to dismantle them. 


      As the years go on, I seriously am beginning to wonder if Tomlin is really a good coach or not...

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      Terry Bradshaw called him a cheerleader haha 

    4. Synthetic



      Very busy day for me with other stuff. My back is killing me but I'm working on some important stuff outside hobbies at the moment, but I'll be back Sunday. Probably going to rest all tomorrow since I'm worn out. 


      The mini Brett Favre came in the mail. I'll have photos later when I have time to do stuff. 

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