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  1. Andy Reid is 16-2 coming off a bye week in the regular season and 3-0 coming off a bye week in the playoffs.

    I hope the Chiefs pound the Steelers into oblivion. And YES I think the Chiefs would play NE tougher then Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh always blows it in NE.

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    2. Jules


      He is ready to conquer the NFL.




    3. Coltsman1788


      LOL @ Texans @ Chiefs.  We can dream can't we. 

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      I would prefer the Chiefs because I hate the Steelers but I even hate the Pats more than I hate the Steelers LOL. Steelers are our only chance to beat the Pats IMO. Chiefs would find the goofiest way to blow it at NE. They would probably out play them for 55 minutes and then Alex Smith would so something stupid or Andy would screw up with a play call. If the Texans upset the Patriots I would buy a Brock jersey and I am not kidding, that would be the biggest upset of all-time.

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