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  1. Andy Reid is 16-2 coming off a bye week in the regular season and 3-0 coming off a bye week in the playoffs.

    I hope the Chiefs pound the Steelers into oblivion. And YES I think the Chiefs would play NE tougher then Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh always blows it in NE.

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    2. Jules



      If the Texans upset the Patriots I would buy a Brock jersey and I am not kidding, that would be the biggest upset of all-time.


      I doubt Houston can win in NE. But, at the same time after being so humiliated there this season early on when that third string rookie QB was playing do you think Houston will show up and play it closer then expected? I mean how much pride does Houston have and stuff here? Can they at least show up and play a tough physical game? Defensively Houston is underrated.


      The only thing I do wonder now at times about NE is if they do get the Texans/Chiefs run in the AFC then in the SB they might very well be facing an explosive offense like Cowboys/Packers/Falcons and they are not battle tested enough for it? I have no idea......


      NE has a top 10 ranked 10 right now, 8th actually. But, when you analyze them they really have not been playing GOOD QBs all year.


      And for some reason I do have issues trusting the Steelers since they historically seem to blow lunch vs. the Pats somehow.

    3. Synthetic




      I would prefer the Chiefs because I hate the Steelers but I even hate the Pats more than I hate the Steelers LOL. Steelers are our only chance to beat the Pats IMO.


      People say this every year and it never happens....



      Last time Pittsburgh beat NE was in 2011. The last year they really had a defense who could scare you and had the last remaining pieces from the 2008 team. Every other time they've played NE since, they've been taken to the cleaners. Pittsburgh does not have the defense, or the coaching they did in the past when they could possibly upset NE. 


      Pittsburgh has to survive Kansas City too. Ben is already pretending to be hurt, so if they lose, they've got their cards on the table to blame it on. 

    4. Synthetic



      I'm taking the Chiefs in this game too. I've thought all along Pittsburgh was overrated...They're overrated almost every year. 


      Go back to that game Sunday and they were doing everything to keep Miami alive...if not for Moore turning the ball over before the half and again on their first drive in the second half. Pittsburgh left that game wide open on the table until the end of the 3rd quarter. If the Dolphins offense had been coached better and more prepared, it probably could've been a close game. 


      KC is more battle tested anyway. 


      KC has beaten 3 elite quarterbacks and one of them twice (Carr, Brees and Ryan)


      I think they're more than ready to go toe to toe with Ben since they have the experience and know what to expect from a pass happy offense. They did shut down the Saints, Falcons and even the Raiders twice. 

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