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  1. Seahawks uniforms tonight. Just OH MY GAWD. What the hell? Neon mania. Even the cheerleaders are wearing it.


    It's an odd lime green invasion.............



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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      I love Lime Green Gatorade, I am sure they have that too.

    3. Synthetic



      To be absolutely fair though, Seattle's uniforms and color palette has been ugly ever since they moved into the NFC. 


      Nothing was wrong with this....


      Image result for seahawks throwback


      or this


      Image result for cortez kennedy seahawks



      I don't get why Nike didn't just use "Throwback Rush" instead of Color Rush, cause some of the uniforms are pretty much modernized versions of throwbacks. The Saints white jerseys with the gold numbers was right out of their old 1960's look. 


      Tonight, they put the blue and white helmet from the 1960's on the Rams, so again, why not just do throwbacks? The Patriots color rush jersey also was a modernized throwback with the stripes. 

    4. Synthetic




      Invasion from Planet X is finally here.



      Galactic Overload Xenu approves of this message. 



      This man is our only hope. 


      Image result for tom cruise scientology

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