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  1. Seahawks uniforms tonight. Just OH MY GAWD. What the hell? Neon mania. Even the cheerleaders are wearing it.


    It's an odd lime green invasion.............



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    2. Jules


      Dude that man is our only hope the way things are going lately.


      Long live our Galactic Overload Xenu!!!!!

    3. Synthetic



      Given that a reality TV star who is the most hateful person in this country and has absolutely zero political experience whatsoever and really does nothing besides get on Twitter and run his mouth like a lunatic, then I have no idea why Tom Cruise can't run for president. He at least knows how to SAVE ACTUALLY LIVES as a Scientologist. 

    4. southwest1


      It was like watching a human, lime green highlighter brigade on the field. Very odd. 


      Either that or radioactive teletubbies right after a nuclear meltdown of hazardous waste. 

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