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  1. Lakers are currently 5-4 and 7th in the west. Not bad, not bad at all. 



    1. Jules


      Colts are on a bye week. I want to focus more on the NBA at times this weekend to catch up.

    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Like what the Lakers are doing. Hiring Luke Walton was huge. The league is simply better when they are good. Was always a fan of Magic and Kobe as well. The Pacers however look bad chemistry wise so far so I am not happy with them. Cavs and Warriors are both rolling as usual and I still personally think it's a 2 team race between them on who wins the NBA Championship. Kind of takes the fun out of watching but I still watch just because I love Basketball. I wouldn't put too much stock into the Clippers 8-1 start, they choke every season in the Playoffs. They may finally break through and make it to a Conference Final but they aren't beating the Warriors IMO.

    3. Jules


      I won't count out some teams this early though, it can take a while in an NBA season to really get clicking for some and especially if they brought in new players. I thought the Celtics would be better right now. Same with the Spurs. But, it's early.


      Pacers look to be really struggling. Not sure why?


      I am not sure yet the Lakers will make the playoffs, but they could sneak in by years end? And if they do then I will be so thrilled since like you said the league is a lot more fun and better when the Lakers are relevant.

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