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  1. Come on Lakers! Beat the Warriors! Good game so far. 

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Brees isn't the problem nor is Luck with us IMO. Both of our Defenses are just bad, cant stop anyone. Glad you guys beat the Seahawks last week, Saints haven't played all that bad this season, like the Colts they have lost a couple of real close games they should've won.

    3. Synthetic



      Oh god, it felt so wonderful to beat Seattle. I hate that team with a passion. And to know that Sherman ran off to blame the refs and make a big deal about it, THAT was the icing on the cake for me. Especially after everyone knows he should've been flagged for putting his hands all over Julio Jones a few weeks ago. 


      No team gets away with push offs and shoves on receivers more than Seattle. That team for the past 3 years, has gotten away with playing dirty more than any other NFC team. To beat them at their own game, and listen to them whine about it, that was solid gold. 


      So much irony of Seattle blaming refs, when they win at least 1 game every year at home with some very controversial stuff in it. This year it was the Atlanta game, last year it was Detroit. And no one is ever going to forget the Green Bay game with the hail mary- interception. 


      Sadly Seattle won't go away, but I hope that team never wins another SB ever again. 

    4. Synthetic



      One last note on Seattle (and cause I gotta go to bed soon, meds are kicking in) 


      They allowed the Saints to score on 6 consecutive drives. Last time that happened, was in 2011. 



      Weather they are the #1 ranked defense or not, I don't see where they are bullet proof or they wouldn't have allowed the 6 consecutive scoring drives...and for them to blame the refs, they are sooooo lucky that 4 of those drives resulted in field goals. That could've been a blow out game. 

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