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  1. Silly Halloween skit. But, after watching it several times I find it is quite addictive and I am laughing. 



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    2. Jules


      I wish Kobe Bryant could come join us in discussions.


      That would be wicked cool.

    3. Synthetic



      I'm listening to old metal records that I am too lazy to dig out the copies off, so I'm on Youtube. 




      I don't even want to watch football tomorrow, i hope the ratings continue to go down. Just give the SB to NE this year, cause they are the only team who is all around any good this season. There's lots of crappy teams, except for them. If they don't win it all this year, I will be shocked. 

    4. Jules


      Game over. Indians won 7-2.


      Indians lead series 3-1. One more game in Chicago and the final 2 if needed are in Cleveland.


      Cubs are done.


      RIP Cubs. 

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