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  1. Silly Halloween skit. But, after watching it several times I find it is quite addictive and I am laughing. 



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    2. Synthetic



      Steve Bartman, that is who I was thinking of. 


      This story was so popular back in the day



    3. Jules


      I don't remember that story with that one fan. But, the name is familiar now.


      I hate Chicago teams and yes I know many Colts fans like the Cubs due to location but not me......not ever.



      I don't follow baseball much to really know how it all works. It seems a lot more complex than basketball or football cause they play so many games. 


      I don't follow baseball enough either. My cousin David could tell you everything though, it's all he is good for.


      Basically......I think more goes into preparation too then we believe. Some of these pitchers on the Cubs choke too IMO since they watched enough film on them to know their little ins and outs.


      And one or two of the Cubs pitchers were on the Red Sox once i believe and are giant chokers.


      Francona is good at making pitchers choke, I mean same dude who led the Red Sox on a rally once to beat Mariano Rivera and Rivera from the Yankees is one of the best of all time.


      Cracking the pitchers and closers to me is often like cracking the defensive lineups in the NFL.

    4. Jules


      I am wiped out tonight, heading to bed sooner then later I hope.


      I will pay attention to our games and stuff and well it should be interesting. ;)


      Go Lakers!!!!!! I want them to win again asap.

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