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  1. Silly Halloween skit. But, after watching it several times I find it is quite addictive and I am laughing. 



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    2. Synthetic



      I have to get some rest too, long long day. I will be back tomorrow evening after I do some stuff around the house, and I have company coming over tomorrow, so I will be on late. 

    3. southwest1




      That SNL skit about David S. Pumpkins just reinforces the idea that true fright is the element of surprise after a person has been distracted or lulled into a false sense of security. I could see where if a person watches that clip enough it grows on them. 


      It also reaffirms the point that Halloween is too commercialized now by the mainstream & it doesn't have an underground vibe anymore at all. 

    4. Synthetic



      At least we have the Hammer classics for Halloween....In a sea of all the crappy horror flick remakes, at least we have the old masters of horror, and the cheesy fun of the 80's slasher movies. I've watched a couple of the old Dracula films today, it's fresh on my mind. 

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