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  1. No matter what happens the rest of the year, Grigson/Pagano still need to go. Sorry but it's true and we all know it deep down.




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    2. Synthetic



      Conspiracy folks look for anything to scream about. Watch them on election day when their lord and savior, and all around biggest piece of crap in this country Trump gets blown out bad in a landslide. They'll be screaming about how "rigged" it is, even though the fact remains; as unlikable as Clinton may be, Trump is the absolute biggest piece of crap in this country and is disliked even MORE. 

    3. Synthetic



      Jules, NBA comes back tonight. We can now forget about our crappy teams and crappy management and just marvel at LeBron being LeBron when the Cavs drop that Championship banner tonight. 


      All hail the true king!! 


      Image result for lebron wink gif


      Image result for lebron championship gif



      I'd give anything to see LeBron and Cleveland repeat this year. He's already established himself among the all time greats, time to continue the path. 

    4. Jules


      Tomorrow night is the Cavs opener. You got me confused lol. 


      And it's game 1 of the world series but not sure I am going to watch the world series early on and just will see who won later for the first few games.


      I can't believe that the NBA is starting. OMG.......it's much needed. I need a distraction from the Colts who can make me want to rip my hair out at times.

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