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  1. No matter what happens the rest of the year, Grigson/Pagano still need to go. Sorry but it's true and we all know it deep down.




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    2. Synthetic



      I was wrong, I apologize. Tomorrow night. I'm a little too excited for the NBA to return. 


      I don't even really care about the NFL this year...I didn't even really care last year. I have to admit, since Bountygate with my team, I've lost a lot of the love I had for the NFL. Pats fans with the Deflategate thing, now know how we Saints fans felt over Bountygate. I've never been more happy seeing the ratings are dropping too. it's a serious wake up call to prove that I'm far from the only person unhappy with this sport. 


      I just find basketball to be more FUN...it's not as politicized (thankfully, I can't bear this with the NFL anymore), it's not as serious, and it's far more fun even when the stakes are high. For "fun games", the NBA certainly delivers. 


      Win or lose in basketball, it's more forgiving. With the NFL, all you ever hear about is the disappointments in a loss. I've had to hear about that 49ers playoff game now for almost 5 years to the point I am sick to death of hearing it described like it was a funeral. 

    3. Jules


      The funny thing is that even with deflate gate the Pats might still win more titles. The Saints.......probably won't.


      The ratings drop is funny since well yeah a ton of games are a bore. I hope like hell tonights game is interesting since if not it's another waste of time.


      I agree with you, I think people in the NFL dwell too much on past games they lost. I still hear about 2005, 2009 and heck any year here or loss can be like you said.....a funeral.


      I still pay attention and stuff and watch at times but something is "off".

    4. southwest1


      Nice Ray Charles tie in at the start of this status update Jules. Clever too & 1 of my favorite rags to riches musical journeys ever told IMO. 

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