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  1. Starting to wonder if the Cubs curse is actually real.:eek: But, hey this series isn't over yet. And no I am not a Cubs fan really. I kinda like L.A. teams so I prefer the Dodgers deep down and I want to see if Cleveland can snag another championship this year with the Indians!!!!

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    2. Jules


      Yeah not sure either, thought this was one of the best teams they claim ever or something. And tonight well, they sure didn't look like it.


      I have been following this a tad since I want to see if they can "break the curse" and all that......


      It's not over yet, but it sure is looking shaky at the moment.

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      It doesn't look good. If they win tomorrow than it's still 50/50 IMO. This is definitely the best Cubs team ever, one of the best ever is yet to be proven. They aren't playing like it right now. I thought the Cubs would win tonight. The Indians look unbeatable right now.

    4. Jules


      Yeah the Indians have looked amazing this postseason. I like Terry Francona too.


      It's funny how the Cavs and Indians have rolled this year but the Browns can't even win a game.

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