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  1. Congrats to "2006" for getting his upset special right this weekend; Rams over Seahawks. I said I would do a status if you got it right lol. I am actually stunned by that game.

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    2. Synthetic




      I could tell you the sky is blue and Bogie could tell you it's green and you would take his side or beat around the bush and say Grigson sucks eventhough that wasn't the topic. Anyway thanks for the shoutout regarding my Rams prediction, much appreciated. Have a nice sleep, chat with you tomorrow.


      You're making this a little too personal I'm afraid...


      You think you're 100% right, you clearly said it...You could be wrong. It happens. I'm wrong about stuff all the time. If you want to laugh, I picked the Dolphins in an upset win and they stunk it up down 24-0 early. I also had Oakland over Atlanta, and lost that one too (And now I have to be scared of Julio Jones vs my crappy team's defense for next week). I think a LOT of folks right now are feeling the blues over being high on Jacksonville during the summer. It happens. We can't always be right. Sometimes you hit, sometimes you miss. 


      BTW, you said it yourself that Irsay needs to look into another GM. Here's your quote just to remind you. You backtracked on this, the minute I criticized contract. 



      @Jules, Irsay may want to go out and look for a new Coach or GM. When we lost to the Lions that screwed us because today's game made it a must win. We played our hearts out but their Defense is just nasty. We had chances to win even that is what is frustrating!



      If you want to defend the contract, I don't care. That's your opinion and that's cool. I seen this before though with Brees and seen it with Flacco in Baltimore, and the contracts did kill those teams and this makes matters even worse being Grigson has done nothing to build a competitive team. It's well known the problems this team has, that they can't protect Luck. If I were a Colts fan, I would be scared to hell and back right now after I seen footage of yesterday's game. They have done nothing to build an offensive line to protect him. All that money to a QB, and he's taking beatings like that, I hope he don't get injured again and yesterday's footage was scary enough. Luck went through hell last year with injuries, I would hate to see it happen again. 


      When a team is losing, they're open to criticism. I'll use my team as an example; Saints fans do not like you to criticize Payton and Loomis. But, we've finished 7-9 the past two years, have an aging Hall of Fame quarterback approaching his twilight years and still performing at a great level, yet we're 0-2 and back on the road to finishing 7-9 again. They deserve the criticism right now cause we are a losing franchise, and it's a shame that we're wasting away Brees' last years while he's still putting up great performances. 


      Don't get mad at me for saying this team is horribly run. My opinion shouldn't bother you, as I don't get paid for it. If you check around other NFL fan bases, I can assure you that non-Colts fans don't really look too positively on how this organization is run (and to be fair on this, same for my Saints, a lot of non-Saints fans don't look positively at Loomis and Payton). When that contract happened, I knew it would be a problem. A lot of fans, were SHOCKED that Irsay brought Grigson back after the disaster from last year. Pats fans aren't the only ones that know this team has huge problems at the top, and because they can see this, does not make them haters. I've wanted Luck to succeed since day 1, but I realize that this is not the same organization it was 10 years ago. I don't know how anyone could hate Luck, cause off the field, he's a likable kid with progressive ideals, which makes him more likable than most. This team was blessed for years having Tony Dungy as a coach and Polian as a GM. If Dungy was still around, I would have faith in this team. That man is a saint in my book and I'll forever defend Dungy. 


      For the record; Jules don't agree with me on everything. We've disagreed hundreds of times over the years, especially when it comes to the Saints or Colts, and of course; New England. You can ask her, for years, I never trusted the Patriots to win a 4th Super Bowl and she proved me wrong on that. But it's for fun, nothing personal. If she wanted to, she could easily brag about proving me wrong on NE or Baltimore, or other AFC teams that I occasionally am totally wrong about. 





    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      It's not personal at all with me, it's just fun debate to me. I did say "may" want to go out and look into a new GM or Coach. The key word was "may". Obviously if we start 0-4 or 0-5 then you have to wonder if this team should. I have never said Grigson nor Pagano are Great and have even been critical of them at times. I dont think they are the worst either like many say on this forum. When the team loses I am critical of players that play bad as well. I am not mad at you at all. It's just a sports message board. I honestly think this forum just goes way overboard with the criticism of the team when we lose which is silly to me. I get upset when we lose but I am not the type that bashes our team 24/7 like some on here do. Does no good to do so and brings negative vibes to the Site. Stuff I really don't care to read. Regarding Jules, I like her and have never had any problems with her. All I did was is make a fair statement in saying when it comes to you and I she always agree with you. She may disagree with you on certain subjects but when us 3 chat she sides with you pretty much everytime and I am ok with it. When I made the sky reference it was a joke more than anything. I will stick to my opinion on Luck's contract, we had to re-sign him, he is a franchise QB and one of the faces of the NFL and he is young. If he was in the 30's and hadn't won a SB by then I would agree with you that his contract wouldn't be deserved. He is only in year 5 what a lot of people aren't getting either. It took Peyton 9 years to win a SB. Some Colts fans on this forum need to quit being spoiled and have a little patience.

    4. Jules


      I'm tired tonight, had a long day with a lot of stuff. I really don't have the energy to continue this discussion a lot. So we can move on eventually. I am not mad at anyone either.


      For the record, Bogie and I have had disagreements and fights even over the years. Maybe it is not public so everyone can watch it like a soap opera for fun. But, it has happened with disagreements over sports and non sport related things too. 


      For the record Luck is kinda over paid based on never being a SB winner or MVP,  but we all knew it was going to happen. And he probably could have gotten big money as well on another team. But, the problem is I do feel sorry for Luck as well. I love the guy but he has never had the top level management and coaching he truly deserves. Coming out of college we all knew he had the potential to be one of the best in the league but sadly he has been beaten like a drum here on the field.


      Saints are even in a more sorry situation and Bogie could tell you this since Brees is still playing at an elite level but his coach and management has gone full lunatic. They cut good players from the team and can't win close games to save their lives. 


      Both Luck and Brees deserve better, period. I can't change my mind on that. The Chiefs would probably win the AFC with either QB at the helm.


      I mean look at how good our o line used to be once and how easy it used to be:




      Look at that hole.......


      Thats what people need to remember too, we used to have a lot going for us that was not just Peyton Manning. We had coaches, management.........players.....everything. And yes I realize some don't want to hear criticisms and to say "be patient" but I really do doubt that Pagano/Grigson can ever build anything around Luck as good as Polian/Dungy once did. Sorry but thats the truth. 

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