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  1. NBA finals chat!


    The old one got so long it needs it's own zip code now. Starting a new one for the finals only.


    So far a tough game one for the Cavs on the road.

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Who can beat them? It would've been better had they lost this season and they won next year. Now with that team they have, they could win 1 or 2 more easily with a player like LeBron who is Jordan and Magic like. After beating a team like the Warriors on their homecourt their confidence is off the charts. I beat they steamroll everyone next season. It wouldn't surprise me if they won close to 70 games and coasted through the East again and beat whoever comes out of the West in 5 or 6 games.

    3. 2006Coltsbestever
    4. Jules


      Kobe will come back and take steroids to regain old forum and bring back Phil Jackson and some of the old guys and recreate the old Lakers.


      I can dream.......

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