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  1. NBA finals chat!


    The old one got so long it needs it's own zip code now. Starting a new one for the finals only.


    So far a tough game one for the Cavs on the road.

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    2. Jules


      Bogut was a loss.......it truly was actually.


      It's why I often say injuries can be everything and who knows who gets hurt next year.

    3. Jules


      OT but OT before I head to bed.


      Kevin Love btw is the nephew of Brian Love of the Beach Boys. lmao 


      That is so cool.



    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      You heard it here first, Cavs will not only Repeat, they will 3-Peat. How's that for a bold prediction. The writing is on the wall. Everyone that rooted for the Cavs this season will get at least 2 more so enjoy the NBA sucking for the next 2 years because nobody will come close to beating the Cavs. This isn't a 1 and done deal unless the team breaks up. If it was a 1 and done deal than I would've really rooted for the Cavs hard. LeBron ends up with 5 Championships just like Magic and Kobe but at that point most will say he's the best ever, even over Jordan. I have watched this sport for nearly 40 years and if they keep their same team together I will guarantee a Repeat at worse. LeBron is still in his prime, and has capabilities like Jordan and Magic. Kyrie and Love both are young. The only way they wont win it again is if Durant goes to the Warriors or Spurs.

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