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  1. NBA playoffs, nothing but NBA playoffs!


    Okay the old thread got too long so I started a new one.


    I see the Heat pulled it out last night.


    My official Miami Heat song. "Feeeeel the Heat."




    And yes I know.......the Warriors are all the rage again. Sigh.......

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Yeah they will probably go 11-5 but nothing like 15-1. I thought the Saints had then too at NO. Colts under the old rules beat them in OT, we scored 1st.

    3. Jules


      I don't know what else to say. lmao 


      You two are so chatty and I am heading to sleep since it's my birthday and I need rest for today to visit family. lmao 

    4. Synthetic



      I forgot about the Colts scoring first in OT, you're right that's game over. They should have never changed OT rules, it's screwed the NFL up pretty bad. 


      All of Carolina's "tough" games this year are at home, and on the road they get Arizona and Washington, who they will no doubt blow out again. I don't see them struggling with much of the AFC West (Our AFC opponents this year for NFC South teams) either since Carolina typically beats down teams with bad quarterbacks, or the run-heavy teams. 


      Carolina's defense has a hard time with the hardball passing teams; Brees gives them fits and Pittsburgh has shredded them in recent years by going pass happy. 

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