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  1. This won't be a popular opinion I am about to share among my fanbase but I am going to anyway. I don't think Tom Brady deserves to be suspended 4 games. I think at this point too with the incident happening last January that it's becoming a witch hunt at this point and a bit tiring. I wish the whole thing would just have DIED last season.....I didn't even want to hear about deflate gate again. Frankly I can find it embarrassing since we got CREAMED in that game.


    The Patriots lost a first round draft pick and got fined.  I am not sure at this point in time Brady needs to be dragged through the mud either since as much as some hate the Pats and Brady lets face it......it's more fun when he plays the game. It's more fun when all of these stars are on the field. I was looking forward to seeing the Pats play in Arizona week 1 and that battle. Now if Brady isn't there it loses it's appeal to me.


    And lets be real, it was deflated balls and even Rodgers admitted he likes MORE air in the balls. I get they broke a rule but lets relax at times here. Nobody killed anyone, raped anyone or hurt anyone that badly. I am sorta embarrassed this is still being talked about when we got our butts kicked in the AFC title game.


    And thats about all I got for now on this topic. I am not mad or upset over anything but I was hoping this deflate thing would just go away forever. And I am sure Brady will fight this and it's another battle in the media.


    I put this here instead of in the threads on the forum since I don't want to be targeted as being as a closet Pats supporter. I am just saying I am tired of this topic and wish it wasn't even still around.

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Clippers are pretty much done without CP3 and the Warriors are up 30 on the Rockets without Curry right now in the 4th Qtr. A team with Harden, Howard, Ariza, and Terry on it can't even compete against the Warriors who are missing the best player in the league. Man that is embarrassing! 

    3. Jules


      Clippers are pretty much FINISHED. But I feel sorry for them almost with the injuries in the last game. 


      Warriors without Curry may still coast for a while until the Spurs. They will need him though for the Spurs.


      I hope someone can knock the Cavs around though in a series at the very least.....no way Lebron can coast all the way to the finals IMO.

    4. Jules


      I am off to sleep finally, been basketballing it up too much lately lol. I have not even paid attention yet to the draft.:omg: Just hope the forum don't go nuts on who we get.

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