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  1. Kinda been digging Alice Cooper so far this week.



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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      What do you guys think of Billy Idol? I just heard Eyes Without a Face on the radio. Man that song is great! He sing LA Woman as well in a remake. I loved the Doors.

    3. Jules


      I know that song you mean....."eyes without a face". I always liked "rebel yell" though or "white wedding". lmao Very 80's. 


      The Doors are okay once in a while. They are another that can get over played on the radio. Jim Morrison looked hot enough when he was thin and before he got bloated and fat before he died.


      This was often my personal favorite from The Doors.




    4. BloodyChamp


      Jules I worked at a retail store for 4 dreadful years. Those stations in those stores pay the stores to play them 24/7 and they get in trouble if they take it off. We're probably thinking of the same station because that was 1 of the songs in what seemed like the 10 song play list when I worked there.

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