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  1. Kinda been digging Alice Cooper so far this week.



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    2. BloodyChamp


      Sunglasses at Night by Corey Heart is a song out of that 80s poprock ilk that I like. It needed to be covered by an 80s heavy metal band really.

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      RIP to Prince by the way. I have said that on other Threads but Prince was awesome. Purple Rain and Little Red Corvette were really Great catchy tunes.

    4. Jules


      Oh man so the Robert Plant "sea of love" tour is nation wide. lmao I can literally hear it in my head without even trying too.


      Could be worse though, I know a grocery store who often plays American Idol winning songs from many many many years ago. I mean far back, like the song that Clay Aiken had when he was in the finale and the song Carrie Underwood had.


      I think with Prince btw my favorite of his all time was "When Doves cry". When I was a little kid that video freaked me out too and he climbs out naked.



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