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  1. "Cause we are living in a material world and I am a material girl".....




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    2. Synthetic



      I'm a big believer in embracing a sports fandom to a team that helped you achieve a championship. I don't see why he should have cared at all for everyone else's thought, when he had the loyal fans of Miami there to support him and embrace him. LeBron could have took the high road by staying there at Miami, since they helped him get championships that Cleveland did not. 

    3. Jules


      I think it ate at Lebron inside the whole time to be honest since he always said he would deliver the Cavs a title before he was done there. He grew up near Cleveland too so I do think it always haunted him deep down.


      True and he did get the help in Miami and he did get two rings. But, I think he always felt guilty.....I think guilt eats at people inside in many ways in life. It would have been easier if going to Miami wasn't such a spectacle to begin with. 


      I am just curious to see if the Cavs with Lebron can ever win it all since they have been in the finals enough now.

    4. Jules


      Some lucky lucky person at the game the other night got this on tape:





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