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  1. Hard to believe that Kobe Bryant's last game is this Wednesday April 13th against the Utah Jazz. At least it's in L.A. and is nationally televised on ESPN.



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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Yeah I would take him over LeBron anyday! Loved his killer instinct + he played his whole career with 1 team, didn't go ring chasing. Shaq had a lot to do with the first 3 Championships he won but the last 2 Kobe carried the Lakers, Gasol was Good but nothing like Shaq was. I don't see anyone ever coming close to scoring 81 Points in a game either regarding today's players. Curry hasn't even come close in doing so and he's had games where he has even made 10 3's or so.

    3. Synthetic



      LeBron is a testament to poorly made decisions. Curry and that Golden State team is not that fun. They're too perfect. I had this same problem with the Bulls back in the 90's, even though I really hope they don't break the '96 Bulls record. That team is starting to become 2007 Patriots level annoying with all the BEST TEAM EVER tags stamped on them before they even reach the Finals. I wanted every team to knock the Pats out in 2007, and I would love to see the Spurs knock the Warriors out in the playoffs. 


      I miss Kobe already...I've missed Phil Jackson for a few years now, and missed Shaq for a while. I still remember when Shaq went to L.A., Gulf Coast sports fans loved this since he came from LSU and both the Tigers and Lakers have the same colors, so it was seen as a good luck charm. 



    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      Yeah I have always been a fan of Shaq. I picked the Spurs to win it all before the season started but beating the Warriors will be a tall task considering the Warriors will also have HCA. Warriors play the Spurs tomorrow in San Antonio and that game has a lot on the line. Warriors need to win their last 2 games to beat the Bulls record and the Spurs need 2 more home wins to become the first team ever to finish 41-0 at home. As of now it looks like Pop is playing everyone. Regarding the 2007 Patriots, the only other time I celebrated a SB win more than when the Giants beat them was of course when Indy won it in 2006. I had a Great 2 years watching the Manning's win the SB. Colts winning it all was huge for the franchise and Indianapolis, then the Pats losing to Eli of all QB's while being huge undefeated favorites was so enjoyable. Like you, I got so sick of hearing how the media was already labeling the Pats the best team ever. IMO had they even went undefeated I still don't think they were better the Cowboys of the 90's or the 49ers of the 80's. Both of those teams were stacked. If the Pats went undefeated that is all everyone would've heard for years is how they are the greatest, some think that anyway. Imagine how their fanbase would be had they went undefeated?? I think 2004 was their best team and I will put them in the Top 5 of all-time. That was the best Defensive team they ever had and Brady never made any mistakes back then, Adam never missed any clutch kicks either. They aren't better than the 92 or 93 Cowboys though or the 1989 49ers.

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